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Where is your clothing made?

It seems like the majority of men's clothing stores don't have any reference on their websites whatsoever as to where their clothing is made. Everything we sell is made in Italy (suits, sportcoats, trousers outerwear, ties) except shirts which are made in the USA. We are proud of this fact, and wish other brands would be more transparent.

Are your suits and sportcoats fully-canvassed?

Yes, our shoulder garments are all full, floating canvas made of horsehair. 

So no fusing then?


How long does it take to get a custom garment?

On average, suits, sport coats, and trousers are 4 weeks, shirts are 3 weeks.

Can I provide my own fabric?

Yes, but we need a cutting for approval first (to make sure it is appropriate for construction).

Can you copy an existing garment?

Within reason, yes.